Living Frameless

Living Frameless

The Client

Over the past decade, Living Frameless has built an outstanding portfolio, with many satisfied customers across South Africa. It was important for them to have a striking and engaging website to showcase the high-quality workmanship being done by them daily. Our task was to replicate their modern and elegant work being done on-site, on a Website and to continuously market it on Social Media platforms to drive traffic and generate leads.

The Task

The key focus of the Website project was to expand on Living Frameless’ corporate identity and create a simple user experience with uncluttered elements. As traffic and leads were the end goal, lots of time planning went into SEO, site layout, page flow and structure. Lastly, we had to put together a consistent and ongoing plan for all Social Media channels to continuously drive traffic to the website, ensuring ongoing lead generation.

The Result

We have achieved an extremely modern Website with engaging Social Media platforms that all carry the Brand Identity of Living Frameless. As with all our projects big or small, we are proud to showcase this exciting project and to it associated with us. We hate blowing our own trumpet and would rather have you judge their Website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter accounts for yourself…



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