Waterfront Country Lodge and Spa

Waterfront Country Lodge and Spa

Waterfront Country Lodge and Spa

The Client

The Waterfront Country Lodge & Spa is situated in Southern Gauteng on the banks of the Vaal River. The lodge is set in beautiful surroundings and has well-appointed accommodation and immaculate service. These elements all combine to create a tranquil getaway. It is a perfect, hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, yet it is only 45-minutes away from Johannesburg.

Waterfront Country Lodge

The Task

We were tasked to create an online presence that matches the beauty of the setting as well as a digital customer service equal to what you would get when visiting Waterfront Country Lodge and Spa. Their website was outdated with no functionality to showcase their events and specials and they had no Social Media following.

We knew with a setting like this striking content was easy and we just had to showcase what the team was doing weekly on Social Media as well as on their website.

We are less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and offer the perfect weekend getaway. We are surrounded by seven great golf courses with a breathtaking view of the Vaal River, we need to showcase this and we need to tell the people who we are.

Sean Greeff

The Result

The journey began with Social Media Management and content creation. This soon resulted in frequent customer queries and positive engagement, all while we were building a clear, visual and functional website. As soon as we launched the website we had a strong following on Social Media to help us grow traffic on the site, which worked like a charm and soon the website had daily visitors, enquiries and most importantly bookings.

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