Safe Kids Stuff

Safe Kids Stuff

The Client

Safe Kids Stuff is a division of Safe Kids that provides CPR, Choking and First Aid Training. Safe Kids has been operating for over 15 years, helping thousands of parents, guardians and nannies feel more confident and able to deal with everyday emergencies.

With a passion for kids safety, they offer a variety of first aid kits for on-the-move safety as well as the home, and have recently launched their new safety product called Safe Kids Helping Hand! First, to South Africa, this fun magnet/sticker will help keep children safe around cars in parking areas!

The Task

With a first to SA project we knew it would be extremely exciting. We were tasked to create a soft and inviting website, that enforces trust from the minute you land, up to completing your purchase. They had four main products with two being “complex” offering colour variants.
The goal was not to create a content-heavy website as they had Safe Kids for that, we simply had to focus on an e-commerce website with as little clicks as possible.

The Result

We started with a few meetings to create a user-friendly structure that would be as “Google Friendly” as possible. This was the most important step as we had to build the entire website from that structure. Every Colour, Font and Image had to be selected with confidence in the back of mind, to always tie into the brand’s vision and corporate identity. From our first meeting, up to launch, we had only spent two weeks building… This was one of, if not our fastest project to date, and we could not be happier with the result, with sales from day one!

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